Pool Replastering Services & In-Floor Systems in Tomball, TX

Pool Replastering Services, Tomball, TX Over time, your pool’s finish is going to wear down. This can expose the scratchy and sharp sand underneath. This is a problem that needs immediate attention, else someone can suffer painful scrapes. Our pool replastering services help you make swimming fun again.

Worn-down plaster is a part of pool ownership in the long term. But our professional re-plastering services can quickly bring your pool back to life. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we can leave your pool’s surface exceptionally smooth and safe for your family to enjoy again. Regular pool uses and exposure to the elements are going to cause some wear and tear, no matter how well your pool is maintained. The moment you notice any signs of plaster damage or deterioration, you should get in touch with us.

We will discuss all the plastering products and finishes with you before starting the work. Our experienced crew will ensure that we leave your pool plaster in immaculate condition that also enhances your pool’s beauty. Whether is an outdated or damaged residential or community pool, you can trust us to transform it into an inviting oasis.

Pool Plastering Services

You may need a new pool to be plastered from the ground up or an old one re-plastered, we provide high-quality pool plastering solutions. The quality of plastering has an impact on how long you can enjoy your pool. With decades of experience, we have the knowledge, skills, techniques, and products to offer the best pool plastering solutions in Tomball, TX. Our experienced experts can also diagnose issues and recommend solutions for different types of plaster-based problems.

Our plastering services come with the assurance that the surface will:

  • Not peel
  • Become watertight
  • Not delaminate
  • Not blister

Our team of pool plastering experts takes pride in our work. Once we assess your pool and your requirements, we will recommend the most effective plastering techniques. Our top priority is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. The use of high-quality products further helps us deliver high performance and reliability in the solutions that we offer.

In-Floor Systems

In-floor pool cleaning systems have become widely popular. These systems allow automatic cleaning of your pool, providing you complete peace of mind. We provide both installation and repair services for these systems. Some of the key reasons in-floor systems are gaining so much popularity include:

  • Optimal pool cleaning after every use
  • Lower maintenance costs compared to other systems
  • No need for human intervention

These systems are installed during a new pool construction or a remodeling project. We use high-quality systems that offer much more than cleaning your pool. Their key features include:

  • Eliminating cold pockets
  • Sanitizing
  • Even distribution of chemicals
  • Reducing heat loss

If you need more information about our pool plastering and in-floor systems services in Tomball, TX, feel free to call Houston Pools & Spas at 832-554-7665. You may also send us your queries from our Contact Us page and one of our experts will get back to you.

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